About Us

Daycare centers provide much more than just a babysitting service for children. Given that a child’s early years are the most important in their cognitive, emotional, and social development, a daycare center must focus on providing children with a nurturing and secure educational environment. Learning Legacy Child Care Center incorporates this philosophy into its child care services by providing a creative, warm and stimulating learning atmosphere for each child that leads them toward their personal and educational success.  


Learning Legacy Day Child Care Center, Inc. provides quality child care for children. Our focus is to foster the creative, emotional and intellectual development of children in a caring and secure environment. We incorporate a broad range of effective practices in the design and delivery of our services to support and strengthen each child’s individual and unique talents – qualities we believe are essential in preparing a child for their educational and personal success. The center does not provide formal religious observance or instruction.

Teachers and Teachers Assistants

Interested in working with us?  We're currently hiring qualified Teachers with an AA or BA in Early Childhood Education. 

Teachers Assistant positions are also available. 

Opportunities exist for a Cook with a current City of Chicago Food Sanitation Manager Certificate.

Maintenance Worker

New to the Roseland/Washington Heights community, Learning Legacy Child Care Center is committed to top quality care for all children.  We provide services for age 15 months to 6 years.

Daily nutritious meals are prepared on-site for your child including breakfast, hot lunches and healthy snacks.


We want you to feel that you are a part of your child’s learning experience and to understand more about what we do every day. We believe that children should be allowed to grow and learn at their own pace. This allows each child to become confident in themselves as learners. The curriculum has three main goals:

To help children learn about themselves and the world around them.

To encourage children to feel good about themselves and capable as learners.

To foster learning though imagination and play. We have organized the center to make it a safe place for children to explore and to learn. We keep the children’s toys and materials on low shelves, and in low easy-to-open drawers. This makes it easy for children to find and play with toys and learning material they enjoy. It also helps them learn how to make choices and be independent.

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